Breech baby

Hi mummies.. I'm 33 weeks and my baby is still in the breech position.. Would like to ask for your experience.. Do you know of ways to encourage him to turn heads down? Did your baby turn heads down when nearing EDD? If not, did you do a ECV or just go for C-sec? Thanks in advance ☺

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Same here! Baby still in breech position as of last check up at 33weeks. Doc advised that if she doesn’t turn by week 35, then have to schedule c-sec. Not planning to do ECV, so if she’s still in breech by then, I will opt for C-sec!

Im at wk 32+ and baby is in breech position. 3 wks ltr there is a check n gynae will advise if still in breech :(

I did pre natal massage to correct my breeched baby. Same method as ECV

hi. i had the same situation too. i did pre natal massage. it helps :)