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Hi! Im at my 33 weeks of pregnancy. Baby is still in breech position. Just wanna hear experiences from other mommies, do you guys wait a lil longer for baby to turn for a natural birth, or did yall go ahead with the planned c-sect? My doc alr set a date for my c-sect, just in case. I can still forgo the c-sect should baby decides to turn. Share with me your experience pls! ☺️#1stimemom #singapore #englishonlypls #thankyou

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Me! Mine was breech at 33 weeks and was scheduled c-sect too. She turned at 35 weeks so c-sect cancelled. At 40 weeks on her EDD, I was wheeled in for emergency c-sect cause even after 10cm dilated after more than 24hrs of labour (including start of contraction at 7am), baby was still high up. My water bag broke at 11pm, just 1hr after I reached hospital the night before her EDD. She also pooped few times. The morning after 10am, I was sent for emergency c-sect. Wasn’t a good idea to keep me and baby waiting for so long cause it nearly cost one of our lives, nurses and docs told my husband. I don’t know what happened cause I developed high fever and baby was in distress throughout the 12hrs from the time I was admitted. But different people will have different birth story.. so let’s hope yours will be a smooth one. Many want to go for natural but some wouldn’t want to take the risk and just go for elective c-sect. I must tell you road to recovery for c-sect is tough as hell so be prepared and get more help at home.

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I proceed with the elective c-sect at 38 weeks. I don't want to take the chance of water breaking or bleeding when my baby still breech and then end up have to go through emergency c-sect. I did not do massage or ev. Sometimes I kinda regret not waiting a little longer but on the bright side kinda glad I agreed with the c- sect coz after baby's out my dr found a cyst and I got it remove.

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Haha! Pregs brain I miss that. 37 weeks + 6 is alright

I think there's still time for your case. Mine was transverse from week 30 onwards and on week 36 he was breeched. He turned at week 37 visit when we were prepared to confirm the csect date 😂

I did a pre natal massage to correct my breeched baby.

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Yes, it definitely did! My baby stayed head down eversince then till birth. I immediately contacted the makcik which I've been engaging for 14 yrs when I got to know my baby was breech. She did the normal pre natal massage before turning my breech baby. Even drs do the same method. Can find her on FB 'Farah Mustafa'. Makcik wearing a mask.