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Hello Mummies, I’m at at my 19th week and I’m still unable to feel my baby kicks. At which week then can you feel his movements? Thanks!!

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Are you a FTM? If yes, you won't feel your baby's movements until later on 20-24 weeks above. If you've been pregnant before, yoyr baby might have started kicking earlier but you can't feel it because your placenta is in an anterior position. Meaning it's at the front and your baby is behind it. So when it kicks, the placenta blocks the feeling.

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I'm FTM currently week 25. I could only feel the kicks from week 22-23. Doctor said for FTM it's common to not feel the kicks at earlier weeks.

Rather than saying it was a kick, it felt more like a bubbly feel. You might not notice it until later stage.

20th week and it was so beautiful moment! ❤️