confinement nanny work permit🤔

Hello mummies, this about sg confinement nanny work permit I read on the mom website that we need a letter of consent to upload together with the application form. May I know how/what did you submit for that section? Thank you!

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Heya, letter of consent is encouraged as a means to minimize conflict arising from the work agreement, like having her agreement to work for you in black and white. There isn't a tab to submit her letter. The MOM website only requires submission of her Msian IC and passport. Do have them ready in front and back versions, in clear-ish resolution. Most nannies will send phone shot copies, I've not seen one using scanner so it tends to be blurry. If the resolution is not too good, either ask her to take again or edit the photo to increase sharpness or contrast. I edited mine using phone editing app to increase the legibility. I submitted confinement nanny work permit applications at least 4 times (my preferred nanny's one I tried 3 times but failed cause she's still stuck in Msia) and once for the nanny who actually did my confinement (Msian but came to sg before border closure). None of the applications required letter of consent to be submitted.

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3y ago

Thank you for sharing.

You just ask your helper to write a letter that she is giving her consent to you as her employer to be to submit an Fdw application. Just indicate your details and her details with her signature.. then you can get confinement nanny work permit

Hello, curious to know what documentation you uploaded in the end if you can share. I will need to apply for a confinement nanny work permit for my nanny as well.

Hey there! For my nanny’s application, we didn’t need to. I guess it’s because she’s already in the MOM system.

3mo ago

then you can get confinement nanny work permit