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Hi mummies, i would like to stop breastfeeding. Which approach is better? Get medicine from gp or use cabbage? Any other method? If take medicine from gp, how it works? Does it take a few days and what happens if breast has blocked duct?

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I gradually stop pumping (used to pump every 3hrs then went down to 6-12hrs each day) & latching then next few days no more engorged breasts aka milk supply.

2y ago

just to add, I only pump to relief engorged otherwise I dont. so maybe thats how you can stop bf too. hope it helps! (;


Was told not to take medication not so good best is to use cabbage and eat chives or mint tea can stop milk.

I used medicine.. is faster maybe because my flow is low.

2y ago

may i know which medication, from gp or over the counter?

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Seems to me the milk killing food works well lol.

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eat those milk killer product better.