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Hi mummies, how do u stop breast milk supply? By using cabbage, do u still need to express the milk out? How to prevent mastitis when trying to stop BMS? If theres clog duct, does massaging it disrupt the drying process and produce more bm instead?

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If you do it gradually the milk can dry out on its own. Slowly reduce the number of pumps/latch to twice a day, then once a day. I kept pumping only once a day for about 2 weeks, and then I completely stopped when I felt my breasts weren't heavy even when I didn't pump for a whole day. And from then on it just dried out :)

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2y ago

Ah, so even without the use of cabbage ?

I pumped for around 6 weeks, every 3 to 4h. Tried cabbage and reduced pump frequency and amount but i was unable to stop the milk fast. Felt uncomfortable for 2 weeks and i only managed to drag to 3 pumps a day. Finally decided to take medicine for 2 days and the milk dried out within a week without pumping.

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2y ago

Thank you mummy for your advices ! Saranghae 🥰


Apply cabbage release abit when feel full. Taking mint stuff and chinese chives can reduce or stop milk too.

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Reduce the no of pump or can take medicine to stop it