Difference between single bedded and 2-bedded in Thomson Medical

Hi mummies, may I know what are the differences between the 2 bedded and single bedded at Thomson medical apart from the sharing of space? Is the food the same? Is the mini fridge important?

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I was in the premium single bed ward at TMC and mini fridge not important at all Single bed (like hotel) - privacy - baby 24/7 with you unless you tell them bring back or baby need shower or when needs to do checkup - big and spacious - food wise not sure if same I think same... - husband can stay over 2 bed room - need share 1 toilet - not much privacy unless you dont mind making friends with new mom - husband can’t stay (8pm leave) - baby can’t be there 24/7 got schedule I think

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I think the main reason ppl choose single bedder is so that u can have ur hubby stay over. Tt was my only reason. I feel more comfortable having my own bathroom too.