Difference in single-bedded rooms at Thomson Medical Centre

Hi! Anyone knows the difference between the single-bedded room and premier single room at Thomson Medical Centre?

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I think the difference is the premier single room is located in a higher level where the entire ward consist of just single room so it's usually quieter cos less human flow. The rooms are more expensive and maybe more spacious? Now with covid-19, number or visitors r restricted, I don't think theres much plus points staying in the premium ones. I stayed in normal single bedded room and it was peaceful enough for me. there's this parent club thing you can join for discount on some services within Thomson Hospital (eg. blood tests) you may want to check it out.

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2y ago

Thank you!

I was in the family suite v waste money! No difference with the single bed room! Just one more living area! But just go for the single bed room because there’s no difference with the premium single!! They are not on the same floor as the 2/4 bed rooms!! Single bed room and premium single bed room share the same floor just that premium one has to go through another glass door

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Not much difference between both but the price difference is prominent for the room price. Premier has bath robe, coffee machine and I think bottle steriliser have, single bedded don't have unless you like the additional stuff, if not u can go for single instead.

no difference in the room size or amenities in the room. Premier single room doesn't share the floor with other type of rooms. If I am not wrong, nursery Room may be less crowded compare to the other floors.

If I’m not mistaken, single bedded rooms share the same floor as the 2/4 bedded rooms while the entirely floor is dedicated to only premier single rooms.

I couldn't find any difference when i red an article online. You also can get some details here : https://www.thomsonmedical.com/room/single-bedded/

Thank you for the responses! Ya I wanted to go for the tour but it has currently been suspended due to the COVID-19 situation

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Premier Single at level 5 and whole row are Premier Single went to tour previously nurse said more quieter. more privacy.