Hi mummies! I have a few questions to ask as I really cant decide , able to share with me ? 1) For newborn - should I purchase the white wooden baby cot, cradle or a playpen ? Any brand recommendations? 2) Should I buy a stroller now or 6 months above ? Any recommendations which stroller brand is good and affordable? 3) I have decided to buy the Konny Carrier as of now for my newborn. 4) My edd is in mid Aug, when should I start buying ? Many thanks in advance !

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1. Personally I feel playpen is better. They are light and portable, meaning u can shift it around ur house or bring it for a staycation. Furthermore I feel baby will not climb out easily as the fabric is soft, they don’t have support to climb out unlike cot which they have bars to grab on. 2. I regretted getting my stroller even before my baby is born. It is better to bring your baby to go test out the stroller and at the same time u have more time to consider which stroller can fit your lifestyle best. Light weight and compact? Travel system? Reversible handle stroller? And now due to the pandemic, you won’t bringing your newborn out so soon except for vaccination. No rush into buying it. 3. Good choice but I also regretted buying it during pregnancy. After I gave birth, I totally can’t fit in it haha 4. You can start buying the items already considering now it’s entering May. Start from the real essential items like wet wipes, diapers, baby bedding. Those “going out” items can come later. Highly suggest you can visit Pupsik Studio to wishlist the items first. Good luck!

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4y ago

Thank you for reply! Will take note of that :)


Playpen for long run it's useful and safer. I got my stroller after give birth about 2 month old. Keenz or doona is good grab from mummy fair pre order deal cheaper. You should start getting when you're 30 weeks.

4y ago

Thank you for your reply!