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Hi mummies, i have been feeling very weak and having a severe nausea since my 6 weeks of pregnancy, Im 10 weeks now and it became worse each day, i cant keep any food or liquid, even when i eat a small portions, i tend to vomit it all back. I vomit 3-5 times a day,sometimes more. Could i be having hyperemesis gravidarum?

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Had it once and it was like how you described. Diclectin prescribed by doctor didn't help at all. Went A&E because it was so bad and they admitted me. Felt much better after the drip + whatever meds they put in the drip. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended up as a blighted ovum. Currently am pregnant again around 5 weeks and nausea is slowly getting worse again. Super worried I'm gonna get hit by HG again. :(

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went thru the same thing here! i was prescribed Diclectin 2tabs every night & it worked for me. i couldnt even keep food down at all for weeks... it was tiring 'cause always had to puke out whatever i ate a min or two afterwards.... i tried drinking those 100+/H2O but none of that works for me... now i ran out of Diclectin, its back & i find that a hot cuppa Ginger tea works for me. :)

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I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, nothing much could help. They will prescribe medication which did not decrease or stop my vomiting then they increase dose but will make you sleep all day. If you are working it’s not helpful cause you will be extremely sleepy and still vomiting. The only thing that help is when I was admitted medication from drip. Still on going now at 38 + 1

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You can try getting meds like diclectin from your gynae. But if you’re losing weight and feeling breathless, yoy might consider going for a drip. I had my drip during my first pregnancy when i lost 6kg in my first trimester. I do feel better after the drip but needed to be on diclectin after that. Most importantly baby is healthy and fine!

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I'm diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum also .. need to be on ivdrip then I feel much much better .. the vomiting medicine doesn't work for me . after on the iv drip ,I stopped vomiting quite often ... drink those hydrofluids drinks like h20, 100plus

You should go back to your gynae for consultation. I used to have severe morning sickness from week 5 to week 14 and was losing weight. But gradually it gets better on the second trimester. Take care ☺️

Please go visit your gynae for consultation. Take good care, God bless you and baby.

yes that's the medical term for it. or morning sickness for layperson

Eat dry crackers in the morning, Take a bland diet