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Hi Mummies! I am a first time mommy & anyone who have been to KKH for pregnancy/delivery, any recommendations for a good Gynae? If possible a female gynae! Thankyou! #firsttimemama

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I delivered recently through subsidised rates, so I don’t have a specific doctor/gynae. That said, my delivery was a smooth one. There were like 4 people helping to deliver, a doctor (eg. Doctor #1), a midwife, an intern, and a practicing doctor I think (who learns from Doctor #1?)… people at kkh are good and professional. My personal advice would be to take the epidural.. it made the delivery painless.

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dr suzanna! and she’s good hence her slots are always fully booked. i agree with the other user, pls book her asap. i saw her on my 7th month too and saved abit of money during the first 6 months at sub route before seeing her as a pte patient ☺️

2mo ago

I would like to do that too. To cut cost but still don't know how we can do. can you kindly advise pls 🙏

You can try Prof John Tee. He is very experienced. My wife was with him throughout pregnancy. Though she experienced post partum bleeding after delivery Prof John was able to rectify the situation fast with his team.

for malay mummies, many of the people around me recommended dr suzanna. but u have to book her now just to slot in ya. i will be seeing her only on August:( if other gynae i heard dr ada ng is good too!

I’m with Dr Ee Tat Xin, feels like a friend rather than doctor. Relaxed and informal but still professional. So far so good, I’m in my 20 weeks now

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Dr Serene Thian , highly recommend, as I just had delivery my baby not long. she has been a great help alot.

dr serene thian! had her for both my babie.. my sister used her too!

I am currently with Dr. KT Tan

any people try Dr tan kah hoon?

2mo ago

oic, thanks for your info

dr ada ng, dr KT tan