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Hi mummies. Can i check if any IVF mummies here conceived thru IVF in govt hosp find a doctor who is experienced in IVF or find a doctor who is comfortable?

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ivf mom here. we were referred to our gynae by my husband's urologist. our gynae used to practice at kkh but went private practice in 2019. he's a very experienced ivf doctor and very nice too!

9mo ago

his clinic is at Alpha International Women's Specialist at Royal Novena Square :)

I'm ivf mom, I do a lot study and look for reviews b4 start the IVF journey I will preferred to engage IVF expert for success pregnancy, fees can be much more expensive but it's worth

I did mine with prof pc Wong at NUH. He don’t do delivery, after that I transferred to prof su Lin Lin. Both doctors are great!

I look up online and ask for opinions from friends before deciding on one.. I conceived at KKH.. 😊

Stephen Chew at nuh. He did deliver too..

me!!! under Prof PC Wong @ NUH

Dr Sadhana at KKH! 🙂

Dr Liu Shuling at KKH

NUH prof P.C. Wong