Vomitting after i eat/drink

Hi Mummies, can i ask for opinion/suggestions from those who have experienced like me before.. I’ve been vomitting since yesterday, whatever i eat or drink, i will vomit everything out.. But i ate porridge for dinner last night and didn’t vomit. Today, after i had my breakfast and lunch i vomitted out everything too. This is the first time that this is happening. What should i do? Should i still monitor or walk in to GP or to the hospital?

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I was 11weeks and had severe vomiting and heartburn. I vomit out everything i eat or drink. Went to see doctor at normal clinic. They gave me medicine to treat my heartburn first and it works! Still vomiting but way lesser than before and my heartburn is cure. I took the med one time and stop. Heheheh cos i dont like medicine! 🤣 i think if i consume it like it was describe, the vomiting would stop.

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It’s very normal if what you’re experiencing is in the first trimester! Always eat easy to digest food - porridge is one, others can be oats, fruits, juices and water, etc. cut down on processed or hard to digest food. If you continue to vomit everything and anything out, that is when you should be concerned because your body cannot receive any nutrition and you need to get drip at hospital.

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Hi, how far along are you? The first 3-4 mths are like that. If you can take in porridge, then just go with porridge. Small meals & snacks in between. Go with fruits instead.. I was like that too. It’ll get better in 2nd trimester.