32 weeks pregnant

Hi mummies i am 32 weeks 4 days pregnant, i have swollen feet and swollen fingers, and i can feel my bb head down already, a lot of my friends say i might give birth soon, my gy say that my bb is a bit overweight, fr 60kg shoot to 77kg, my tummy doesn't look like i am giving birth soon, Is my second child after 15 years, omg i have forgotten what I need to look out for.

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Download apps to prepare to count your contractions. Just in case. Pack your maternity bag if you haven't. As for when is it coming, just sit back and relax. All my 3 pregnancy shows in different form. 1 is waterbag break, 2nd is bleeding and 3rd is low fluid. I'm not sure how my #4 is going to be like. So chill!

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