#WeaningJourney Prepare Puree

Hi mummies, how do you prepare puree for your lovely one? What will you prepare for you precious? What is the first food that you make for your lovely little one? When you started this journey?

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Started at 5th month. Sometimes I will prepare baby food together with adults food. Example, I make ABC soup and mashed the carrot and potatoes in it for baby puree. Once a while I steam sweet potatoes for myself and give a portion to the baby (mashed into puree). If I'm lazy, I will use strainer to mash avocado and mix it with rice cereal for baby. When I'm lazier, I just mix cerelac rice cereal (gifts from people, sweet) with Gerber rice cereal (no sweet) to make a quick meal for baby. I just bought a rechargeble and portable fruits blender for adult and baby use, going to cook chicken or fish porridge and blend into smooth puree using it. Tried banana, not so successful as baby reject it

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