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Hi mummies! Have any of you tried 'Mutyara' product for milk booster? It's a Malaysian/Indonesian product by Tya Ariffin. I am very skeptical of products like this because once bitten twice shy but heard it really helps for many. Can also kindly share with me if you have ever tried or is currently taking any milk booster products. Would love to try one that really works and non-expensive! TIA!

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I took Mutyara before I was pregnant but stopped once I conceived so I'm not sure abt its milk boosting capability. I'm currently taking supplements frm Legendairy Milk. It takes a lil bit of trial and error to find the best one for urself as they have a range of products. It's kind of expensive but it really works. I used to have an undersupply tt I had to supplement my baby with formula right frm birth but aft taking the supplements, I'm constantly engorged. Currently taking its Sunflower Lecithin to reduce plugged ducts and Cashcow to enrich my milk. I suggest you try the real galactagogues first like red dates, flax seed, moringa leaves etc to see if they work. For me moringa leaves worked but I grew sick of the taste so I'm taking Cashcow tt contain moringa in it.

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I'm skeptical of Mutyara since it's sort of a jamu but not sure if I can still take bcos my baby is having jaundice. I definitely did browse that page of Legendairy Milk and honestly it's quite tempting but the price... 😬 I know lactation/milk booster products are normally expensive. I'm currently mix feeding my baby & also pumping since I'm just 1 mth post partum and I understand that milk takes some time to produce more. Tried red dates it kind of helps a bit. I shall trial and error like you said. Thank you so much for this! ☺️