Baby 15th week scan

Hi Mummies. Has anyone gone through their 15th week scan where they measure baby head size? Was told that my baby head size is in 5% while normal size is 10% and above. Was wondering what about other babies or does anyone experience their baby having small head size? Was told not to worry, and that it will be monitored at the next scan, hopefully it's not a case of microcephaly. But being human, I can't help but to worry and keep thinking that I could have provided better nutrients to help baby's growth 😞

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Hey Mama, please do not blame yourself, there’s little you can do. My baby’s head was below 5% even after birth but he’s 5 now and has grown well and met his milestones. Don’t worry too much, I know it easier said than done. Doctor will continue to monitor. If there’s a concern, I’m sure he will let you know.

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Dear just one thing keep in mind at this stage be positive and happy... Your journey has just started so don't think much everything will be fine.