preterm labour/birth

hi mummies! my gynae told me that i might give birth earlier than my EDD. if you have been through preterm labour/birth, could you please share with me if you don't mind... i have not been sleeping well and worrying a lot about preterm birth😢

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What's the reason behind being in labour earlier than EDD? Did your gynae informed you? For preterm baby its is usually born below 37 weeks. Anything after that is full term baby till 42 weeks. For baby that's pre term, they will hold the baby a day or two depends on your LO and they will thoroughly check/scan if needed. Expect follow wherever necessary after discharge. Dont worry much, just relax yourself. Read more article, throw questions to your gyane. Pretty sure they will advice you the procedure or after care needed upon discharge.

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1y ago

i thought mine was just braxton hicks but went to gynae for a check and he said they were real contractions. im just 31 weeks pregnant and he said things are hard to predict, fastest could be within these 2 weeks baby will be out...