Low lying placenta

Any mummies got low lying placenta? Currentlu 32 weeks preggy. Dr informed that i have got low lying placenta. Was admitted for 1 night to observe, steroids was injected to strengthen baby lungs (incase preterm). Any mummies got similar experience? #firstbaby #advicepls

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Hi there! I'm 33 weeks preggy, found out I've got low lying placenta in Week 16 (or was it 20). When did you find out? Mm I didn't have such experience. Gynae just reminds me at every scan to not have sex, not exercise, and to monitor for bleeding (thankfully so far so good!). I was quite affected, cos gynae said natural birth will be unlikely cos of the low placenta. Cried after every gynae visit haha. At my 31st week scan I finally came to terms with it and stopped crying.

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hi. no it didn't. so i had to do csect at week 38. but it's okay, I realize later that what matters is my baby girl arrived safely and healthily! 😊 Just a little bummed out that I didn't get to experience natural delivery.