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Hello mummies, giving birth at KKH. Do they provide pads or do we bring our own? Also what are the necessities to bring/put in hosp bag? Also is a disposable breast pad necessary or will they provide? Saw some articles but feel like its too much of a list to bring. Ftm seeking for assistance. thank you!

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Hi are you under subsidized or private? I gave birth last 2 months. Pack light. My mistake was i overpacked and end up not using most of the things. Yes pads and disposable panties theyll provide. For me its a decent quality. Once youve given birth you wont be bothered to even care abt the quality cs youre just tired and overwhelmed. Bring IC, husband IC, socks, small towel, toiletries, powerbank, your gg home outfit & baby’s (short sleeve onesie,boots & mittens,cap, swaddle). Bring abdominal binder if csect. For gg home outfit can just use the same outfit you came for admission, cs youll need to change to the hospital gown once admitted.

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3mo ago

Hi mummy, yes, can ask as many pads and disposable panties as you want, once finishing you can ask. Cause technically you are “paying” for it too.

Hi Mummy, you can refer to KKH website for a list of what they provide and what you need to bring. They provide Kotex maternity pads, cooling perineal pads (ordered by my doctor) and disposable panties too. But for my delivery, I brought my own Kotex overnight panties (recommended by many mummies) and it was very comfortable. I also brought some disposable breast pads but end up didn’t use.. Have a safe delivery!

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2mo ago

Hi, I’m not sure if it will be the same, but you may check sgh website to be sure.

Hi mummy i gave birth last year and got a second degree tear, they have cooling pads to help with the pain and disposable underwear can ask from the nurses when you need more i even ask for extra pack of JB diapers for my baby! Pack your breast pump if you feel you need it otherwise need to rent and clothes to go home, other necessities that you need.

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This is what I bring: (1) handphone charger (2) kotex panties (3) a book (4) toiletries (buy hospital will provide) (5) 1 extra set of clothes for baby (6) 1 extra set of clothes for myself (7) IC , hospital receipts (8) Doctors letter for delivery (9) slippers (10) wallet

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3mo ago

thanks for the list!

hi i did give birth in kk under private,im cs all they provide even baby clothes diaper wipes all also my things they provide too