Giving birth at Mount Alvernia

Anyone gave birth at Mount A recently can share what do they provide? I'm at my 37 weeks packing my hospital bag but dont wanna overpacked! Should I just bring a luggage or a bagpack will do. Please help! Thank you!! #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #pregnancy #advicepls

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Hi, I’ve gave birth at Mount A on Nov 21. U can see attach are the item that will be provided by the hospital. Basically u just need to pack u & ur bb clothes inc mitten/bootie & swaddle for discharge. Bring those impt documents for admission, bring ur own disposable pantie, belly binder (if u have), handphone charger. For my case I think breast pump not really necessary because the nurse keep bringing the bb to me for breastfeeding every I think just a bag-pack is enough. Have a smooth delivery:)

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1y ago

U’re welcome! Oh ya for bb clothes can bring 2 sets in case 1 of the size is too big or too small u got another backup. Stay calm & wait to welcome ur bundle of joy soon;)

I can’t advise on Mount A, but I gave birth at TMC… went with a big bag and only used… 1 x Kotex overnight panties during discharge Charger Marriage certificate, admission paper, invoices & ic. Breast pump (For LC to teach me how to use, and since I’m not into latching, I had to pump to stimulate milk) I wore back the outfit I went in with & baby wore the hospital’s as the outfit I brought was too big.

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1y ago

Hi yup they do provide gowns during your stay :) If dirty just request for them to change for you.

if you’re first time mom, no harm overpacking because you won’t know what you need. it’s really personal preference.. you may not like what the hospital provides too, eg disposal underwear (it was too loose for me), or ur own breast pump

1y ago

Thank you!!