Hi, any mummies gave birth at kkh under private A1 class? Dont mind sharing your experience?

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I just did. Afterall, not too bad. I would give 7-8 out of 10. Quite satisfied with the food they served. Nurses was available or willing to help each time I press the call bell. The only thing I didn't quite understand was I paid private but end up it was a 'team of doctors' +my own gynae (instead of my own gynae only) who visited me at the ward.

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3y ago

Because in public hospitals, they still work in teams. Your gynae is not the one that physically does the paper work (ward round entries, discharge summaries) or prescribe the medicines, etc. The junior doctors take the orders from your gynae and carry them out. After your gynae visits you, your gynae goes off while the junior doctors stay back to do the work, even on weekends/holidays:)