When did your baby start going to school?

Mummies, did you put your baby in ifc, playgroup or nursery 1? Please share your experiences. I'm thinking when to let my baby start school.

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I sent 3 weeks ago when she was 2+m. She is developing runny nose and cough, may have picked up outside of IFC as we have visits with relatives. She started sleeping better since she started, initially it was sleeping earlier and waking later with 1 feed. She is now sleeping at around 830pm to 930pm and waking at 7am without any night feed. IFC is able to engage her better than at home!

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Playgroup for mine at 19mo. I would prefer it that way so that my baby falls sick less often while she is still very young…we got a helper therefore we can afford to do this. We send baby to gym and swim enrichment classes when she was around 1yo, so that she is well engaged at home.

N1 at 26months. MIL was helping and I was also occasionally WFH to take care of her. Went to observe the ifc a few hours during her 4+month but couldn't stand with how the centre was handling the babies. hence sought help from MIL eventually

Yup IFC at 2 months+, the only month they got a slot so had to send him a month early than actual plan

Ifc. Big one 5mths+. But 2nd will go at 3m

4 months old