Car seat for newborn from hospital?

Hi mummies and daddies! Is it required to have a car seat when going home from hospital with newborn? We do not own a car, so will just take grab or taxi. If yes, any suggestion on a car seat that can be carried around? Thank you!#1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Let me share our experience. We hunted for an appropriate portable car seat, as like you, we don't own a car. We got a Maxicosi and we liked how easy it was to attach and remove it from any car. The day we left hospital, we had a Grab cancel on us, and next Grab driver drove off when he saw our car seat, which can be carried like a bassinet. Eventually we got a taxi, which is the only vehicle (apart from train, bus etc) you can travel in without a proper car seat. We still used it but learnt that no private hire vehicle would knowingly allow you to use their services, even with a proper car seat. Something about insurance. Learnt the hard way. The cat seat however was a great rocker and my child loved it a lot. It had a nice soothing lilt to it. We finally gave it away a few months after she turned 2, as she truly had outgrown it by a lot. We had to do it on the sly though.

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thanks for sharing mummy! take care!