Hi, Any mummies csect and still feeling numb pain at lower abdominal and having back ache? I m 8 days postpartum. Thanks!!!

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I felt numb till about 3 months pp. it will slowly go off, csect takes 4-6months to heal. The tissues inside are still healing, so its like layers of cut flesh. Even finishing my confinement, when i use my fingers to go thru the whole "line" and the area around most of it is numb, like that part spoil already. I'm almost 11 mths pp now, sometimes i even get pain at the area. My friends who has toddlers, they told me even years on time to time they get some pain.

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3y ago

Me too!! I’m still having some pain sometimes in the lower abdominal area. Now even my hands start to feel numb sometimes. Already gave birth like 4 months ago.

Hi mummy!! I think it may be normal to feel numb at lower abdominal after c sect, many of my friends have had that. I did some research when it happened to me and found this site very helpful: http://www.cpanty.com/about-c-section-recovery

lower abdominal numb pain is normal since you are just 8 days postpartum. Back ache might be side effect of epidural. Ever since i gave birth, i cant lie flat too long on bed else i will have servere back ache.

It's normal to feel numb... My boy is 27mths old, still numb.. Need a Long Long time for the cut nerves to heal. Will never feel the same again..

Im natural birth but i haf frens who did csect and still feel numb after 1mth. Highlight yr concerns to your doc & monitor closely.

For my first child I took about 10-12 days to slowly recover from my pain and took the medication from Doctor