How do you make your LO to sleep?

Hi mummies, just to check. When comes to night time, it is a struggle for us. We have a hard time putting our LO to bed. He is 11 mths. We try to pat him on his backside, he will move and climb. When we put him on a rocker, he will struggle and climb out. In the end, we put him in a stroller. Move and he finally sleep. But this is not a long term solution. Pls help.

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Super Mum

What I did was l have a routine for my child to follow. She will have her usual daily activities and she knows she will have to lie on the bed after she showered. Is he able to nap well? Or he needs a stroller for nap as well? Not easy to change suddenly as I think he is very used to lying in the stroller to sleep.

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