Putting father’s name on the birth certificate

Hello mummies, anyone knows if I can proceed with the birth certificate for my daughter without putting the father’s name inside although he’s the biological father? We’re intending to get a separation and the website has no info on anything or cases like this.

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I think morally and to be fair to the child and father, you should put the father's name in the child's birth certificate. In addition, there will be inheritance issue in future. Just my two cents worth.

2y ago

Based on what you said, it is very likely you will have the custody. Don't worry, ya. Look for a good lawyer. You may refer to the following link if you need: https://www.lawsociety.org.sg/our-community/find-a-lawyer/

U can call the ICA to check. If you are lawfully married to the current husband usually will be automatically to them.

Unless you're unwed but in your case, married but intending to separate


I know someone who did provided the father don't sue you