NICU care for baby

Hi mummies, anyone know if we can deliver at private hospital but if baby require NICU care, can baby transfer to government hospital (KKH/NUH/SGH)?

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yes it's possible. my client delivered at Mt Elizabeth Orchard at wk 27+5 due to placental abruption and I help her to contact the govt hospital for transfer. Kkh didn't have space, so bb was sent to Sgh at day 5. do note that, you will need to fork out ~2k cash for the ambulance + medical staff to accompany the bb to the govt hospital. hope it helps. let me know if you require more details.

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From what I know. Baby will be sent to KKH if there is any complications because KKH is well equipped for babies unlike other hospitals. There was a mummy here who posted about her labour story, gave birth at Thomson but her baby was sent to KKH due to complications.

Yep and if your baby requires nicu, your gynae should be able to write u a letter and help with the transition to the govt hospital.