Covid-19 vaccine but did not realised i was pregnant

I had my 2nd dose Covid-19 vaccine which i did not realised i was 2 weeks pregnant. Now i am in my 6 weeks. Is it safe for the baby and how am i going to forgive myself if the baby grow up not okay?#1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy #vaccine

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already got my 1st dose and only found out i might be pregnant a few says after. now im not sure if i should continue to take 2nd dose. but beforehand i did check with the nurse and she said its fine to take. but.. kindda scared of the risk tho

2y ago

probably abt 7wks for the 2nd dose. i had vitamin c a week everyday before the injection. kind of help with the side effects

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It’s proven by researchers that it’s safe for pregnant woman to have covid vaccination. Anyway it can’t be undone so why not think of it that you are fully vaccinated and you are safe, so is your baby inside you.

3y ago

thank you Priscilla