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Hi mummies, anyone gone through this whereby your LO seems to reject ur warmed up frozen ebm, and the ebm seems to smell? Mine smelled like vomit. Did a little Google search and suspect it is due to lipase activity. Would a lactation consultant be any helpful if i consult him/her? Hope to make feeding of my LO as pleasant as possible. It is very stressful and unhappy for us now.

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Super Mum

No point consulting a lactation consultant on the lipase. You can join a breastfeeding mothers support group for tips on how to handle frozen ebm. One way is to mix frozen ebm with new ebm to try to entice your LO to drink. To avoid having the smell, I think you need to either freeze the milk as soon as you finish pumping or scald the milk before storing in the freezer.

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To keep that smell low you got to store in freezer as soon as you pump. Alternatively, you can mix frozen bm and fresh bm to let baby get used to it. Start off with 70 percent fresh and frozen 30 percent. Slowly become 50 50. Then 30 fresh 70 frozen. And after baby ok full frozen.

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