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Hi mummies. Anyone ever take Dr Idah Pratt from NUH as your gynae? How is the experience? I wanted to take Dr Citra but she is full till Sept & my EDD is Sept. Thank you!

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Super Mum

She’s very nice:) Friendly and makes you feel comfortable. When I was dying for my baby to come out (I was 2cm dilated but had no contractions), she offered to do a membrane sweep for me, saying the chance of going into labour within 24hrs was 50%. And she was right! Haha. I was so happy. Anyway, she was encouraging while I was pushing the baby out, and in the ward, she was cheerful every day that she came to see me.

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4y ago

Ahhh thank you for sharing. I shall be looking fwd to June to see her. She is full till June. Just nice I will be in my 3rd trimester. (:

hi mommies, I came across ur posts on dr ida and would love to know more about her as I'm considering her. but I don't know anyone personally who had her as a gynae. how are her charges like? is she supportive of natural birth? anything I shd take note of when considering her as my gynae? TIA 🤗🤗