Hi Ms. Angelu :) How you discipline your teens po in using internet, like facebook and twitter?

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Hi Lhen , thats a good question . But if im given a chance to answer that it would be like : Teens now a days are usually inclined with social medias they used it as a tool to expressed what they feel and what are their experiences. Using social medias is not bad but i think when you use it to much then it will be not good and acceptable tho . As parent we are their guiding light in all the things they they do . I think you can discipline your teens by not to tight and not to loose . Meaning let them be free to post what ever they want in social media but of course you guide them and tell them whats the best and what not in the eyes of everyone who sees it . Explain to them the essence of social media and the things it may bring to their lives and the effect of it . Its also best to have your own social media accounts so that in one way or another you have the eye to see what they are posting . Being a role model to your kids is the best thing to do , they learn from you so do your best to be the best version of yourself in their eyes .

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