Hi Ms. Angelu! How do you balance between "letting them fly" and "holding in the reigns" when it comes to teens?

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Hi Jen, in my opinion i think the best words for that is "perfect timing" . Teens have a lot of things to be learned of along in their journey. As parents we're like a bridge connecting them to what they are in the future . There are times that we want to close the gate of the bridge for them not to pass , means holding them to cross such things because we know it will harm them . We just want the best for them thats why we are doing it , at the moment they might dont understand but i know in the future for sure they will . There are also times that we let them cross the bridge or in your words "letting them fly" . Maybe its because we know they will become better if we do so . We all know that we are not perfect parents for our children,sometimes we just dont impart learning to them but we also learn things in them . Its just a win win situation .

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