child safety window grills

Moving to new home which needs me to child safety proof the window. Any suggestions?

child safety window grills
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my checklist: 1/ always lock the windows 2/ use window stops to wedge the windows shut/stop opening far (depends on the window type) 3/ make sure there's no furniture near the window that can be used as a ladder 4/ make sure there are no light objects which can easily be stacked by your beloved to form a ladder 5/ do NOT rely on a flyscreen as it's flimsy 6/ instruct your beloved through your voice/actions: let them know what's acceptable behaviour near a window

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Invisible grill concept. Contact Terry 8777 3017. $80 per sq MTr. I prefer them to normal aluminium grill as it doesn’t Block the view or feel like a prison cell.

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Been to a condo with Perspex around all the balconies, it looked a pretty safe and unobtrusive option.

Noel Ng @ Invisys 83897573