Tigdas vaccine for newborn?

My mother is an elementary teacher and she told me some staff from the health center visited their school to give vaccines for their students and they asked if pwde po ba sa newborn. sabi nila pwde daw sa newborn. Pwde nga ba talaga? I’ve read in some news kasi na 6 months yung youngest. :/

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Nope. Giving measles vaccine to newborns, under 6 mos of age, won’t do anything to stimulate newborns’ body to make antibodies for measles coz they’re are too young to make one. So, in short masasayang lang ung bakuna. The reason why measles vaccine can be given (if there is an outbreak) to 6 month old babies is that after 6 months babies can now make their own antibodies against diseases( including measles). Actually, the good thing is, if their mothers have already been vaccinated against measles or have received complete doses of MMR in the past, even before they got pregnant, mothers can pass the maternal antibodies to their unborn child in utero and through breastfeeding. So the newborns are basically protected up to 6 months of age. So that’s the reason why it’s ok that newborns can’t get the vaccine until 9 months of age or 6 months of age. So it’s best not to bring or expose newborns to crowded places while they’re too young. Just to give them extra protection while their small bodies are still in process of making their own antibodies. Coz they still depend on maternal antibodies, which is maternal health and well-being is a big factor in keeping newborns safe and protected.

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hindi mahina pa immunity ni baby to have the shot. measles vaccine like chicken oix vaccine has live attenuated virus.. meaning buhay na virus pero di ganoon kalakas.kaya ito binibigay usually sa 1st birthday or atleast 9 mos old na si baby. kaya syrongly encourage to exclusively breastfeed our babies atleast 6 months to have passive immunity. ibig sabihin, naipapasa from breastmilk ung mga antibodies ng mother kaya protected si baby in any kind of illness

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No, Hindi pa pwede Ang measles vaccine sa newborn....as early as 6months Po pwede magbigay Ng measles vaccine Kay baby kc may antibodies pa nman xa nakuha from the mother nun pinanganak xa... at much better fully breastfeeding xa if possible para mataas immunity nya Laban sa mga sakit

hindi nmn cguro ssbhin n pde kung ndi pde. bka sa outbreak nga kya my gnyan ng gamot pero d p nbalita. 😅 pero d2 smin gang 9mos lng pde ung pde s 6mos wla pa d2. inuuna cguro ung place n my mrming case ng tgdas.

No. Even if bigyan sya as early as newborn hindi naman yan maaactivate agad because Measles Vaccine activates at 6 months. Hihina lang yung potency or effectivity nyan if bbgyan sya at an early age.

pag 1 year old ni baby, bbgyan sia ng MMR (measles vaccine).. at dahil may measles outbreak, bbgyan rn ang mga bata edad 6months-59months ng measles vacc. yun po ang pgkakaalam ko.

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ang alam ko 9 months dapat for measles vaccine. binaba sa 6 months because of the outbreak...

my month na sinusunod ang pagpapa vax naman po.. consult s pedia po

6 months onwards lang po ang pwede sa vaccine ng tigdas :)

hndi po pwede atleast 6months and up..