Tigdas vaccine for newborn?

My mother is an elementary teacher and she told me some staff from the health center visited their school to give vaccines for their students and they asked if pwde po ba sa newborn. sabi nila pwde daw sa newborn. Pwde nga ba talaga? I’ve read in some news kasi na 6 months yung youngest. :/
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No, Hindi pa pwede Ang measles vaccine sa newborn....as early as 6months Po pwede magbigay Ng measles vaccine Kay baby kc may antibodies pa nman xa nakuha from the mother nun pinanganak xa... at much
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punta k muna pedia nia
hndi po pwede atleast 6months and up..
No. Even if bigyan sya as early as newborn hindi naman yan maaactivate agad because Measles Vaccine activates at 6 months. Hihina lang yung potency or effectivity nyan if bbgyan sya at an early age.