Dogs on Newborn

Hi Momshies, I am a first time mom and my due date will be on August. Currently, we have a pet dog who roams around the house freely. Well trained naman siya kaya I am confident that he will get along with our baby upon his arrival. Kaso my mom and my relatives are discouraging me in keeping the dog kasi baka mahawaan daw ang baby namin ng mga sakit. We have prepared for it naman by training our dog to stay inside his designated area. Kaso di pa daw yun okay. Dapat daw ipamigay na namin dog namin. It's very hard kasi sobrang mahal namin dog namin lalo na ako. He helped me recover from my anxiety and depression. Kaya giving him away is not an option for us. Any tips or advise from Momshies that have the same situation as ours?

Dogs on Newborn
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Wag nyo lang po ilapit ung doggie sa baby nyo po, and mag linis po parati ng bahay. We have cat po sa bahay and malayo po sya sa baby namin as longs as wag nyo po muna palapitin.

3y ago

Thank you. Gagawin po namin yan. :)