Moms, do your toddlers sleep through the night? My 14 month old still wakes up 1-2 times a night. Nothing too major (it's easy to shush her back to sleep). I'm just wondering if it’s normal and when she’ll sleep through the night.

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Does she cry? Maybe she's having a dream. Toddlers at that age start to have dreams that are kind of like the adults. During infancy, I've read that babies dream with only images and no spoken language since they still don't know how to talk. But maybe as your baby's speech ability develops, her capability to have a more impactful dream develops too.

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My 18mon old daughter wakes up: first, around 12mn, and then 4am and we just give her milk and she goes 'back' to sleep after finishing 1 bottle each time mentioned. And she usually gets up between 7am to 8am from sleeping normal at 11 in the evening.

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