Empty Gestational Sac

Hi Moms out there! This would be my 3rd pregnancy and I had my 1st prenatal check up yesterday. My LMP was Feb. 7,2020 so the EDD should be Nov. 13 however, due to a brownish discharge last Monday night and yesterday morning, I rushed to the hospital immediately. Good thing they have an OB Gyne clinic opened. Based on my TVS, I have an empty gestational sac for 6 weeks and 4 days which is contrary with the calculation on my LMP. The OB Sonologist advised me for a repeat TVS after 2 weeks to validate if the embryo is already viable that time but if not, my OB told me that it could be a possible blighted ovum which will lead to a possible 70% miscarriage. When the time she said that, I just sat down in a corner and cried silently. Dont know what to do or what to think. But, she precribed duphaston for the light brownish discharge which is already a slight bleeding. I want to know if I have similar cases out there and if after 2 weeks, the baby will be viable that time already. Thank you. Still have that hope.

Empty Gestational Sac
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How many weeks are you based on your LMP? Usually that should match or at least near the date of your baby's gestational age.

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Thank you po. God bless din po. Hopefully, baby is viable na after 2 weeks on my nxt TVS.