No sign of pregnancy yet :(

Hi mommies, Based on the apps, I supposed to be 6 weeks pregnant, but until now there are no sign of pregnancies yet. Have miscarriage before that's why super worried :'( Appointment with doctor still few more days.. Is it normal to have no sign after 6 weeks? Appetite still good, no tiredness

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I dont have any signs till week 8 for #1 (cos i didnt know that i was pregnant at all). But found out #2 at week 6 and its like im being program to go into the whole game on and suddenly all the signs came.

Yes, its normal. I'm coming 8 weeks now, only yesterday I started to have little funny taste in my mouth, other than that, no other sign of pregnancy..☺️

Yes it’s normal. Some people don’t experience any symptoms at all throughout their first trimester. Consider it a blessing.

I had similar issues that I doubted my pregnancy and end up taking the test again. I hope everything goes well for you.

I was at 5 weeks when I did my first scan but unable to detect the baby yet as it’s still early . Not to worry

Be patient. Wait and see what doctor says. You may get pregnancy symptoms even after 6 weeks.

I also don’t have any sign of pregnancy on weeks 6. Good luck mommy! Don’t worry so much!

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Yes it’s normal. I didn’t have any pregnancy signs until about 2 months

Some mummies during pregnancy have no symptoms.. Count yourself lucky..

I don't have signs too .