Pregnancy Cramp At Week 9

Hi Mommies ❤️ Do yall feel cramps at the first tri of ur pregnancy ? And how long did it went away ? And how did it feels like ? I'm having a little cramp on n off right now at week 9 .

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hello! I did feel cramps on and off throughout my pregnancy. It started as early as week 5 for me and it kinda subsided from around week 12 onwards for me.. now at 22 weeks sometimes I still feel mild cramps very occasionally. it's probably due to uterus stretching to accommodate the growing baby. I did highlight to my gynae before and he said it is okay unless it is very painful or is accompanied with spotting or bleeding. u can check with your gynae if it worries you!

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yeap me. it's like stabbing pain when it pains real bad, like my period is really coming and got alil scared and each time lasts for like ard 10 mins. on and off. jz need to rest more and then im ok. im 10 weeks now and is better. maybe alil light cramps but not much like was in 8th to 9th week.

Light cramps is most likely the uterus expanding and your body in general changing due to the pregnancy hormones preparing your body for birth. I barely got cramps but every pregnancy is different. For peace of mind, speak to your gynae at your next visit ❤️

Am currently at 19 weeks and have been experiencing light cramps throughout since first trim. They are not really painful and no bleeding or abnormal discharge so gynae is not concerned about. Can always double check with your gynae during checkup :)

ahh! I thought I was the only one experiencing it as well 😅didn't go through this during first pregnancy tho. mine is off & on as well , most of the time at night. turning 12 weeks in 3 days time. hope it goes away soon.

The weird thing is that everyone says light as though how light the cramps are aren’t relative. Mine started at 5 weeks and have disturbed my sleep, cause so much discomfort on daily routines but is still described as light.

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And the cramps go on for almost the whole day from morning to night. Scans show that baby is healthy but gosh I wouldn’t call the cramps light at all. More like 1st and 2nd day period when it’s the worst for me.

Hi if it is bad and persistent, do see a doctor. don’t wait.

2y ago

is not that bad , is bearable type , less painful then period cramp . Search online they said its normal as uterus is expanding bigger for baby