Any mommies here with 2 or 3 boys ? I have 2 boys n I don't intend to have a 3rd child but I'm so sick with those insensitive comments like "huh? No girls ah? Try for 3rd one lah , maybe will get a girl?".. "Wah seh! 2boys ! Must be tough for u !".. "girls are more fillial, should try for a girl." ... " girls are easier to manage than boys .." .. "huh? No girls to go shopping or high tea with next time ." Blah blah blah .. I admit that when I was conceiving my #2, I did hope for a girl but after having my second boy , I find him v cute n like it too n feel that it is okie not to have a girl but I often get such insensitive n irritating comments that I feel v irritated ! Yes, I can choose to ignore but hearing it day after day is really making me frustrated !

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Those are real stupid comments. You should stay away from such people. Ask yourself if you have the energy and means to have another child? People always talk like very easy because they are not the one who has to carry that baby in the womb for the next 9 months. And do you even want to go through another round of childbirth again? Just be happy with what you have. Unless you are ready to have another one, I suggest to stop at where you are now.

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