Mommies who send your ️baby to infant care, can share how U help your LO to adapt to sch ? I'll be sending my Lo to infant care due to sudden change in my childcare arrangement .. Worry that my LO can't adapt ..worry about separation anxiety .. Worry that I'll have separation anxiety too :( so much worries .. Any assurances from mommies will be good too cos I'm feeling rather emo. Lo will be about 8 months old when it is time to send to infant care . Any good recommendation of infant care in the west , around Jurong east / Jurong west area? TIA ! :)

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Children have an innate gift of adjusting to their environment. Your lo will take cue from how you feel too. So if you are worried, lo will pick it up. What you can look into is to analyse and review the infant care center very strictly. Write down all your requirements as a checklist then go through your list and see if the infant center passes. Also strictly monitor your lo everyday to Ensure lo is ok

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