Mommies who send your ️baby to infant care, can share how U help your LO to adapt to sch ? I'll be sending my Lo to infant care due to sudden change in my childcare arrangement .. Worry that my LO can't adapt ..worry about separation anxiety .. Worry that I'll have separation anxiety too :( so much worries .. Any assurances from mommies will be good too cos I'm feeling rather emo. Lo will be about 8 months old when it is time to send to infant care . Any good recommendation of infant care in the west , around Jurong east / Jurong west area? TIA ! :)

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My friend sends her little boy to PCF Sparkletots Jurong Spring (Blk 528). She is a first time mom and recently went back to work in March. Initially she was worried about her child not being able to adapt but she realized after a while that her son is too young (4 months) to understand separation anxiety. That motivated her to power through her emotions and gave her extra focus at work. She is much more efficient at work because she wants to get home on time to see her baby. She stopped bringing work home on the weekends and draws a clear line between her work life and her family life. Honestly, it doesn't matter how long your maternity leave is. I live in Sweden and mothers here get 6-12 months of paid maternity leave. I used to think that the anxieties working mothers feel is due to the short duration of maternity leave but that's not true. Even after that long stretch, my Swedish friends tell me that going back to work and leaving their child in the care of others is still as heartbreaking. Whatever you do is for your child's benefit and if it's guilt you're feeling, don't. All will be well and things will get easier eventually.

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11mo ago

Wow i hope i can be just like your friend when it comes to work. Motivated and more efficient at work so I don't bring home any work during weekdays or weekends. Draw that line when it comes to family time. I'm glad i came across this post. What a timely reminder.