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Any mommies who did not have the harmony test? And why?

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I didn't take any of it even though I'm 32. Hubby and I decided that we will accept whatever outcome it is for our baby and will never go for abortion. So I didn't put myself through tests and the agony of inconclusive results.

Im 34 and first pregnancy. Hosp kept pestering me to take downsyndrome or Harmony test but i skipped despite having 2nd thoughts, cos at the end of the day, i will keep my baby no matter what. 🥰

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It boils down to you being a pro life or pro choice person. If you’re a pro life person, no point testing because no matter what you’ll keep the baby. So don’t waste the money + add on additional worries! :)

Nope! Didn’t do the test, even my gynae said I don’t need to, but I could if I wanted to. He said cuz I’m pretty young (24 years old), Baby probably won’t have high risks for down syndrome

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1) too expensive 2) if you scan and baby is not normal, you will still keep the baby right? So why waste money if you are alrdy planning to keep baby.

I took oscar instead of harmony as it was pretty expensive. My Oscar result was 1/9000+, thus, I decided not to continue with harmony.

I did the Oscar and not the harmony. Reason being i don’t think I am in the high risk category (ie not over 35 years of age).

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I did not take as even if i know the result, i just need to accept the fact, thats all. And somemore need to pay quite a lot

Only did Oscar(even thought I was 37 when I was pregnant), result was low risk hence didn’t go for the Harmony test.

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It’s not recommended to take if mummy age is below 30 years as the risk is much lower than higher age group.