How do you complete your kids’ protein needs?

Hi mommies! Was wondering what do you give your kids to help them complete their daily macronutrients especially protein? My 7-year-old kasi loves to eat snacks more than our main meals. During lunch or dinner pahirapan to get her to finish her food especially the ulam (she eats rice more), and when it comes to snack time she eats a lot! So I really have to give her milk everyday just to make sure she gets her recommended protein intake. Wanted to share that been drinking Arla Organic milk for almost a year na. I like it coz it tastes just like regular fresh milk and has 50% more proteins than the regular powdered milk in the market. And the best part is that it’s organic and affordable... 50 pesos lang per liter pack! Have you tried this also?

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Yes! Tan milk ng baby ko since ng 1 yr old sya and I also drink it as well to increase milk for bf😊👍 anyway, I make diff kinds of snacks like for example she likes fried stuff recently so I make my own veggie with chicken nuggets. Try to google for more recipes 😉👍

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Thank you mommy! Yes i also add more sources of protein in their snacks like eggs, chicken etc. Trying to find more fun ways to help them grow!