Hi mommies. Recently I switched my baby from Enfamil 1 to Enfamil 2. For two weeks her poo Will always be hard and she will have a hard time squeezing the poo out. At first I tot maybe her solids is causing the poo to be hard but I am giving her the same food as last time with veggies and fruits . Suspect it is the no 2 milk powder, anyone has same problem?

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Yes i experienced similar situation as you before. Have you tried giving her water. You mentioned constipated, how many days has it been? Also how old is you lo, it is normal for lo to be constipated too. Dont fret for now :)

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4y ago

Actually she still poos daily but is the very hard kind until her butt red red and have to squeeze several times a day to get all out. I give her water quite often. Actually I didn't want to change to Enfamil 2 at first Coz 1 is until 1 yo while 2 is 6mo to 2yo. Not sure why overlap