Which Type Formula Milk Suitable For Baby With Constipation?

Hi, my baby 1mth 23days old having issue to poo.. Always poo only on 3rd or 4th days. She is drinking Enfamil stage 1 now.. Should I switch her formula? Doctor prescribe probiotics for her and says if does not improve have to switch. Any formula to recommend? Nan or enfamil gentlease milk is better?

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Husbands colleague recommended us Similac Total Comfort. When I had low supply, we tired giving it to our girl, however she didn't like it. Maybe because it taste a bit salty wheras my breast milk tasted sweet.

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My girl on enfamil stage 1 too. Switched to gentlease and she woke up in pain due to reflux issues. Then switch back to enfamil stage 1. Feed gripe water daily added into milk and she poops everyday

2y ago

Ntuc or guardian You may get Woodward's gripe water.

I using nan from birth till stage 2. Everything goes well

None. Only water. Don't report me. This is my experience

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How long have u tried the probiotics? Did it helped?

2y ago

Yea. Can try cause gripe water does helps