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Hello mommies! New mom of a 2 month old baby girl here. Ask ko lang po sana ano ang difference ng eq plus sa eq dry and which is better? Which one do you prefer? Thank you. #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls #diaper #nanayhood

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EQ plus mas premium siya compared sa Dry. Mas absorbent, mas makapal, so mas matagal before ka magpalit. May wetness indicator din. Although EQ Dry ok din naman siya. Ngayon we use Plus during nighttime para no need gisingin si baby to change diaper. EQ Dry during the day.

i was once use eq plus for my newborn, and I can say na ok lang siya..im not sure about eq dry.. haven't try yet..ngaun kc super twins ung diaper ng baby ko..medyo pricey kc ang eq,so i switch to a cheaper one,hiyang nmn c baby ko.. Di xia nagkaka rashes

haven't tried pa ung eq plus mommy so I can't vouch on that pero ung eq dry maganda sya, dry padin kahit madami na wiwi. tried diff brands of diapers na din but I still go back to eq dry