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Hi mommies, Do any mommy just given birth at TMC via C SECT? May I know due to covid-19, is husband allowed to follow you into the OT? And also how many visitors per day are allowed to visit you? Thank you!

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I just gave birth at TMC via csect during January this year, 2021. Everytime only allow 2 visitors, 1 whole day max 8 visitors. Hubby can only enter OT when the doctor had open the womb going to take out the baby and have to leave OT when the baby has take out safely. Your hubby mustn't scare of blood. Sometimes the nurses in OT will have to push your baby out from the womb. Can be scary <--- feedback from my hubby 😄

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3y ago

Thanks, dear. 😍


hi i didn’t give birth at TMC but i did contacted them for enquiry. for normal csec (epidural and not under GA) husband can accompany you to OT. up to 5 visitors per day, but you have to submit their names beforehand.

3y ago

thanks! you too have a smooth delivery

Hi, I will be giving birth at TMC nxt month. 8 visitors in a day but only 2 person at a time. U can call the hospital to enquire more 😊😊