bedtime stories?

Hi mommies . Do you make time for bedtime stories for your babies ? In my case , I always read my baby a book but seems she doesn't have any interest . I think she will just listen for a minute then do other things na . My daughter is 1 year old by the way. How do tou handle this situation? #1stimemom

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We do read books also mommy pero what i did since di pa naman talaga sila magiging interested sa reading as in word by word, i focused on the pictures po sa picture books. Sometimes parang wala syang pakealam pero ginagawa ko interactive. Parang i will describe the pictures then i will ask her some questions like sounds ng animals sa pictures ganyan. Or what color ng mga things sa book. Most of the time ngayon, sya na nakuha ng book nya at nagpapabasa. We started before she turns one.

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thank you mommy . how old is your baby now ? my daughter just turned 1 palang naman po . parang napressure ata ako na halos everyday i teach her shapes pero parang until now kasi no improvement . patience lang siguro mommy is what I need .